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The State of FTSE Board Diversity in March 2024

It is broadly recognised, and confirmed by research, that a diverse board of  directors can lead to more effective decision making, as well as representing a broader range of stakeholders. A year ago the FCA updated or introduced three board…

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FTSE Director Mean Total Remuneration

FTSE Directors – the Shape of Pay

The High Pay Centre recently published their annual Analysis of UK CEO Pay, which found that the median pay of FTSE 100 CEOs was £3.91M in 2022. We've created a broader picture of FTSE Director pay by analysing the mean…

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The Ethnic Diversity Challenge for FTSE Boards

The target of having at least one ethnic minority board director, and to report on this, is a significant challenge for FTSE companies - especially those with smaller boards in the FTSE 250 and SmallCap Indexes. 144 FTSE All-Share companies…

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The Hidden Network Revealed

One of the biggest business networks in the UK is "hidden" in plain sight - it's the network of the UK’s 4.7 million registered companies and their directors, other officers and owners. Many directors and owners are (or have been)…

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