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Accessible, connected information on all UK directors & companies

with in-depth data on FTSE companies and their boards

to quickly research people & businesses

The information and connections you need

The tools to find them quickly and efficiently

Numerable gets live data from Companies House for every GB registered company.

It combines this with public information on FTSE companies, from annual reports, regulated news releases and websites [Premium subscribers only].

You explore this information using our unique graphical interface, to follow connections and find the facts you need.


Numerable is for…


quickly identify and profile new clients and candidates, and find their connections to your existing network

Investors and Analysts

discover and research investable companies and entrepreneurs linked to your current portfolio


carry out research on UK companies and directors for sales, marketing, credit control, recruiting, compliance and HR

Numerable Standard

available free of charge, letting you…

businesswoman holding iPad
  • Search – for any UK company or director
  • View – the current directors of a company, as an interactive graphic or sortable table
  • Check – their appointment date and age
  • Click through – to view a director’s other current appointments

Registered users can also:

  • save companies and directors as favourites

Numerable Premium

for enterprise and commercial use, with additional features and data.

For information on companies and their directors in the FTSE All-Share Index (FTSE 100, 250 and Small Caps) and AIM All-Share Index.

More details are here.

  • Browse – explore tables of FTSE companies, directors and directorship roles.
  • Search – for a FTSE company, director or role.
  • View – a table or connection diagram of a company’s directors or a person’s directorships, with summary data such as industry, market cap, revenue, employees etc.
  • Filter – Use checkboxes to control what is displayed in a table or connection diagram, by FTSE index, role status, role type, industry and gender
  • Sort – Sort a table’s rows by clicking on the column header.
  • Click through – From a company, director or role, to explore related information.
  • Analyse – The bottom row of a table shows statistics on the information in its column, e.g. average remuneration of FTSE 100 CEOs.
  • Second degree connections – List a person’s co-directors, or companies that have directors in common.
  • Favourites – Store up to 100 favourite companies and directors
  • Company snapshot – Generate a PDF snapshot for any company
  • External Company Links – Links to a FTSE company’s last annual report, website and Companies House page.
  • LinkedIn – Link to a person’s LinkedIn profile page when it is available, or to a search on LinkedIn if not..


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