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Find and develop new business opportunities

while accelerating research and reducing costs

The data and connections you need

The tools to find them quickly

Numerable gets live data from Companies House for every GB registered company and director.

This is merged daily with public information on FTSE and AIM companies, from Annual Reports, regulatory news releases and websites.

Explore this information using the unique graphical interface, to follow connections and find the facts you need.

Numerable is for executive search, advisers, consultants, investors and other professionals.

Executive Search

Quickly identify and profile new clients and candidates, and find their connections to your existing network


Company Secretaries, proxy agencies and other governance professionals can instantly check and benchmark key governance metrics


Research UK companies and directors for sales, marketing, credit control, recruiting, compliance and HR

All UK companies and directors

research any UK business or director and their connections

businesswoman holding iPad


  • sales and marketing – find prospects and discover who runs and controls them
  • credit control – monitor existing customers
  • supplier research
  • recruiting – identify and profile clients and candidates
  • due diligence and compliance
  • Search – for any UK company or director
  • View – the current and past directors of a company, or roles of a director, as an interactive graphic or sortable table
  • Unique board/roles timeline view
  • Export – as a PDF snapshot or CSV file
  • Connections – list a person’s co-directors, or companies with shared directors
  • Follow – links to accounts and LinkedIn search
  • Save – companies and directors as favourites

FTSE and AIM listed companies and their boards

for executive search, governance professionals and investors focusing on public companies.

With detailed information and news on companies and their directors in the FTSE All-Share Index (FTSE 100, 250 and Small Caps) and AIM All-Share Index (UK incorporated only).

More details are here.

  • Directories of UK public companies, director roles, the people that hold them, and news releases
  • Additional public company information: EPIC code, index, industry, country of incorporation, employees, market capitalisation, revenue
  • Additional public company officer information: role title (e.g. Senior Independent Director), remuneration, incoming and outgoing roles
  • Filter tables by index, country of incorporation, industry, role status, role type and gender
  • Sort tables by column data
  • Analyse – The bottom row of a table shows statistics on the information in its column, e.g. average remuneration of FTSE 100 CEOs.
  • Direct link to company’s last annual report

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