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Financial reports for humans

Numerable lets accountants, bookkeepers, CFOs and FDs quickly create financial presentations and reports that everyone can understand

No payment details or Xero account required


Numerable is as simple as…

1. Xero to Numerable

Import from Xero to generate interactive graphics and text insights

2. line plot

Explore, select plots and add comments, to create a presentation

3. export PDF

Present online or export to a PDF report and circulate

Key Features

  • Import reports from Xero:
  • Profit and Loss
  • Cash Summary
  • Balance Sheet
  • Aged Receivables
  • Aged Payables
  • Ratios
  • Switch between table, structure and time plot views
  • Drill up and down in all 3 views
  • Compare time periods and see visual variances
  • Automated text explanations
  • Add comments to create slides
  • Export presentation to multi-page PDF
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    “I prepare financial reports in Numerable for our board meetings. The interface is very simple and easy to use. I can quickly identify the key points I want to get across, choose different plots that illustrate them, and add my comments.

    It’s great to come to each meeting with confidence that I’m ready to give a well-structured, engaging presentation.”


    Natalja Beesley

    Company Accountant

    Third Dimension

    5 white stars128

    Dr Tim Monks

    Founder and CEO
    Third Dimension

    “We’ve used Numerable in our monthly board meetings since early 2018. It helps us understand our financial performance better, improving the quality of discussions and decision making in board meetings.

    The presentations in Numerable let us focus on the issues that really matter, spending less time on data preparation and presentation. With Numerable we get an immediate visual representation that fits well with the way we present other KPI.”

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    Security and Privacy

    We highly value your data’s security and privacy, and take a range of steps to protect them, including:

    • You don’t need to log in to Xero, access Xero data, or even have a Xero account to try out Numerable. The Numerable trial already has a full set of demonstration data available.
    • The Numerable web app, including data storage and user account management, runs on AWS (Amazon Web Services) – the same secure platform as Xero.
    • All internet communication to and from the Numerable web app is secured by HTTPS, which provides authentication of our web address and protection of data using bidirectional encryption.
    • The Numerable web app can only import your reports from Xero after you authorise it on Xero’s login and access authorisation pages – Numerable cannot not learn your Xero account details.
    • We aim to fully comply with the GDPR (the General Data Protection Regulation). At any time you can delete your account and its associated data, on the My Account page of the web app.
    • Numerable Software is registered as a Data Controller on the Data Protection Register, with number ZA336190.
    • You can read our full Privacy Policy here.