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Answer the questions that matter to you and your business

by quickly researching UK companies, directors and their connections – with in-depth information on FTSE companies

Search UK companies

Explore FTSE companies

The information and connections you need

The tools to find them quickly and efficiently

Numerable gets live data from Companies House for every GB registered company.

Then combines it with public information on FTSE 350 listed companies, from annual reports, regulated news releases and websites.

You explore this information using our unique graphical interface, to follow connections and find the facts you need.


Numerable is for…


quickly identify and profile new clients and candidates, and find their connections to your existing network

Investors and Analysts

discover and research investable companies and entrepreneurs linked to your current portfolio


carry out research on UK companies and directors for sales, marketing, credit control, recruiting, compliance and HR

Numerable Standard

available free of charge, letting you…

businesswoman holding iPad
  • search for any UK company or director
  • view table of FTSE 350 companies, with key metrics
  • see the current directors of a company, as an interactive graphic or sortable table
  • check their appointment date, tenure and age
  • click through to view their other current appointments

Registered users can also:

  • view second degree connections, and past directors and appointments
  • save up to 10 companies and directors as favourites
  • generate a PDF snapshot for any company
  • click through to a company’s accounts, Companies House page and a map
  • for FTSE 350 companies, click through to the company website and its last annual report

Numerable Premium

for enterprise and commercial use, with additional features and data:

For all UK and FTSE 350 companies and directors

  • store unlimited favourite companies and directors
  • view statistical analysis of column data in the footer of any table view

For FTSE 350 companies and directors

  • see a director’s role (e.g. CEO, Chairman)
  • view a director’s total single figure remuneration and gender
  • filter companies by industry and directors by role

Coming soon:

  • searchable listings of all FTSE 350 directors and appointments
  • FTSE Small Caps and AIM companies and their directors
  • timeline views for any company or director


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Numerable is in beta release, so you can use it now, free of charge!

If you’d like to try out this exciting new way to quickly generate warm business leads, click the green button to try the app

Then register for a free account and access all features, such as saving people and companies to favourites, and viewing past connections