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AIC Chooses Numerable Board Data


Release date: 20th May 2024

The Association of Investment Companies (AIC) has chosen the Numerable board intelligence platform for the organisation’s board research and analysis.

The Numerable system collects and merges data on UK companies and their directors which is updated daily from regulated sources. It presents this data in interactive tables, diagrams and timelines to help users research boards, informing their business decisions.

David Michael, Membership and Statistics Director of the AIC, said: “We monitor UK investment companies and how their boards are meeting governance and diversity targets. We decided to use Numerable as it was the only solution that could offer up-to-date information for all three board diversity targets set by the FCA: namely, the percentage of female directors, the number of females in senior positions and the ethnic minority representation on boards. Numerable also offers a wide range of useful data on directors and boards for all investment companies listed on the London Stock Exchange.”

Martin Coulthard, Founder and CEO of Numerable Software commented: “I’m delighted that a highly respected organisation like the AIC has chosen Numerable.

“We are working hard to make public domain data on all UK company boards, both private and listed, transparent, accessible and connected. Investment companies are a key component of the UK stock market, making up over a quarter of the FTSE 350. Working with the AIC has helped us extend our detailed coverage to over 330 investment companies.”

The Numerable online system is available on a monthly subscription.


Information on Numerable

Numerable Software is a Bristol startup that has developed the Numerable board intelligence platform. It is used for executive search, investment analysis and in consulting, to quickly learn about companies, directors and their connections.


Contact: Martin Coulthard, CEO – – 0786 668 7154

Information on the AIC

The AIC represents over 330 member investment companies, including investment trusts, VCTs and other closed-ended funds. It offers a rich set of information on UK investment companies and engages with members, investors, and the wider financial community.


Contact: Annabel​​​​ Brodie‑Smith, Communications Director – – 07798 624449


High resolution images:

Numerable board diagram


Numerable board timeline


Numerable board governance table