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Load a report in Numerable

  • On the Reports Library page, click on the report card for the organisation and report you want to explore.
  • This takes you to the table view of that report, and you can now start to explore
Reports Library2

Change between 3 views

  • When you first load a report you see it in table view, as columns of numbers.
  • Click on a month header to change to structure view, and see a horizontal bar chart of the figures in the selected period.
  • Click on one or more row headers to change to a time series graph of those rowss values plotted against time.
  • Deselect all headers to go back to table view.

Compare time periods and budgets

  • Click on 2 month headers to compare results for those months.
  • The values of the first selected month are in blue, and those of the second selected month are in grey.
  • The changes from the second selected month to the first are shown a green and red bars, indicating good and bad changes.
  • Click on the Budget button to compare the first selected month’s results to their budget.

Drill up and down

  • Click on a right chevron to expand a total and show its components.
  • You see the expanded rows in all 3 views.
  • Click on the down chevron to collapse the row again.

View text insights

  • Numerable automatically generates text that explains what is shown in the plot.
  • The text appears in the right column
  • It changes to give insights into the current view and selections.

YTD – Year To Date

Numerable normally shows you the figures for a month in each column. But sometimes it is useful to see the year-to-date (or YTD) results, to assess performance since the start of the financial year.

  • To see those year-to-date click on the YTD button which is to the right of the column headers.
  • The figures or plot you see now are cumulative, starting from zero at the start of the financial year
  • The financial year start is shown as a vertical grey line in the table view and time series plots.
  • Year-to-date is currently only available in the Profit and Loss statement
year to date