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What is Numerable?

Numerable is a web app that turns your Xero reports into powerful interactive plots and insights – to help you make better business decisions.

Who is Numerable for?

Numerable is for anyone who produces financial reports from Xero: accountants, bookkeepers, CFOs, Financial Directors, Financial Controllers etc.

It is also for people that need to explore and understand financial reports: business owners, directors, managers, investors.

What can I run Numerable on?

Numerable is a web app, or software-as-a-service (SaaS), so it runs in a web browser on your desktop, tablet or smartphone.

It works with most common browsers – more details are here.

What can I do with Numerable?

After registering you can view the demonstration data that we have already loaded.

Then import your own organisation’s data by clicking on ‘Add new Xero organisation’, explore, add slides, view presentation and export to PDF.

You can learn about the features of Numerable here.

How do I add a Numerable home page icon on my mobile device?

As Numerable is a web app, so you don’t automatically get a home page icon on your mobile device (as you do for a native app).

But it’s easy to add one – just follow these instructions.