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Numerable is a fast, new, effective way to:

explore an interactive plot for each report, to better understand the business’ financial performance and prospects,

add your comments to create a structured, online, graphical presentation that can be shown to clients or colleagues, and

convert the presentation into a multi-page PDF that can be saved and circulated – or used offline to give the presentation.

You typically do this is 3 easy stages…

1. Import from Xero

When you’ve closed the accounts for the previous month in Xero, you are ready to import to Numerable.

Follow these steps to do the import, which typically takes less than a minute.

2. Explore and add comments

You explore a report by clicking on the row and column headers, and drilling up and down using the < and > icons.

Then you choose which plots you want to show, and add your comment to each, to create a series of slides that make up your presentation.

3. Present online or export to PDF

You present online by pressing the space key to step thorough the slides, or you can export a PDF.