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“We moved to Numerable from a competitor as we were impressed with its ease of use, comprehensive data and clarity.

Since we have been using it, we have been delighted with all of the above but, more importantly, the way in which the team are reactive to suggestions for improvements or additional data sets.

Working with Numerable is a real partnership as well as being a very useful tool to enhance our services.”

David Dumeresque, Partner
Tyzack Partners

“The information provided by Numerable’s services is excellent. It’s a very rich, high volume data set but more importantly the data is accurate and the user interface is easy to use.

We can drill down into the data and answer specific queries quickly. Following a successful trial, we now subscribe and Numerable is an embedded part of how we work for clients on the recruitment of directors for both private and quoted UK companies.”

Mike Clancy, Owner

“Numerable provides us with an up-to-date picture of the make up of boards and the connections that each board member has across the market.

We find that the Timeline view and interactive graphics are effective tools for engaging with board members and discussing their future board careers.”


James Haspel, CEO
JD Haspel Global Executive Search


“Numerable has been a critical tool in helping Fidelio deliver streamlined and effective Board Advisory projects.

The platform’s Board Timeline, simple filtering, current data, and easy-to-digest diagrams have significantly improved the efficiency and accuracy of our Board search assignments, benchmarking services and business development.

An excellent tool – intuitive, easy to use, while importantly thorough and insightful.”

Mark Cumberlege, Head of Search
Fidelio Partners

“We find Numerable very useful. For example, recently we’ve used it to help a client analyse how many People Officers are on listed boards.

We particularly like the Diagram feature which shows who are on boards, their role, gender and connections with other boards.

Numerable saves us time and gives a valuable visual perspective on director connections.”


Tanya Gass, Bespoke NED Search Lead
Women on Boards

“Our 350 Club members always comment on how impressed they are by Numerable.

They use it in a variety of ways – to quickly compare remuneration, print lists of board members and financial details, and use its advanced interface to identify former board members and their colleagues.

It helps them explore our community to find the connections that can accelerate their careers.”

Marianne Macdonald, Founder
The 350 Club