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An exciting new way to learn about companies and people using information from Companies House


This page shows you a summary of the most important company information, arranged in 3 groups of cards:

  • core information –
  • accounts –
  • people –

The cards with shadows around them can be clicked to get to more details.

CH Company


An officer is a director, secretary or other legal role in the company. An officer can be a person or another company.

The top table on this page shows the current officers; the lower one lists past officers.

Click on an officer to see tables listing all their appointments in this and other companies.

CH Officers


An ‘appointment’ is when a person (or company) has been appointed to an officer role in a company – for example as a director or secretary.

The top table shows a list of all current appointments for this person or company. The lower table shows past appointments.

Click on an appointment row to see the Company page for that company.

CH Appointments

PSCs – Persons with Significant Control

A PSC is a person (or company) that holds more than 25% of shares or voting rights in a company, can appoint or remove the majority of the board of directors or otherwise has significant control.

The top table shows current PSCs (if any) and the lower one lists past PSCs.

Click on a PSC to search for more information on them.



Clicking on balance sheet card on the Company page takes you to Numerable’s unique interactive graphics for Accounts.

Numerable imports all the years of the company’s accounts that are held in digital form by Companies House, checks and corrects them, and then combines the years into a single set of data.

CH Accounts - table
CH Accounts - column
CH Accounts - row